Chicago Department of Aviation

Satellite Concourses

Two new satellite concourses, S1 and S2, will play a significant role in transforming the face of O’Hare—with modern, larger new concourses nearly double the width of our terminal concourses today. They are being designed with flexible gates, to accommodate both narrow and wide-body airplanes.

During the ORD21 design competition, five of the best architecture firms from around the world submitted their visions for O’Hare. One of the design teams will be selected to design the Global Terminal and one will be selected to design the two satellite concourses.​ 

Not only will these modern, bright concourses add gate capacity and passenger amenities, they are also an enabling project for the Global Terminal. Because of these concourses, which will be accessible via underground tunnels, O’Hare will not lose any gate capacity while Terminal 2 is being rebuilt as the new Global Terminal.

core terminal south rendering ​​​​